Gates Repair Houston

At your service for gate installation in Houston, Texas. Instead of wasting time in search of gates and risking taking the wrong measurements, leave this significant project of yours to our company. Besides, there’s quite a lot to consider before you even start thinking about which gate to get, let alone when you specifically need to decide on materials, the size, the style, the type. All these factors affect the gate’s performance – whether or not it will open all the way, for example. Isn’t it better to be sure there are no mistakes? And then, who will install the gate? The slightest mistake will not only raise the need for some serious gate repair Houston TX service but may also put you at stake. Who wants that?

With Automatic Gate Repair Co, you don’t have to do much more than contact our company and say what you want. Should we tell you what we do?

We send pros to get your Houston gate installation started

Gate Installation Houston

Since no two gate installation Houston projects are exactly the same, we appoint pros to check your particular needs. There’s always the question of where will the gate be installed! Can this be a swing gate? Or, a swing gate installation is out of question since it won’t fit and you must buy a different type? And if so, which type? And based on that, which opener? The list of questions awaiting answers goes on and on. But you don’t have to worry about all that since when we take over, we handle everything. And this includes, of course, a free estimate for your new gate installation.

We provide custom gates – and openers, if you want automatic gate installation

Once we know the facts and your needs, we can provide the gate needed. Customized gates and matching openers, assuming this is an automatic gate installation project. Do you want a phone entry system too? No worries. There are options today to suit all security requirements, to meet all safety standards, to satisfy all customers. Should we talk about your electric gate installation?

We appoint qualified techs to install the driveway gate

The techs appointed to the driveway gate installation are experienced, qualified, and trained. Be sure. Same qualifications, even if this is a pedestrian gate. Or, do you want both a driveway and a pedestrian gate installed? Whatever you need, we will be happy to oblige. More importantly, we are available for the installation of all types of gates and ensure excellent results.

  •          Swing gate installation
  •          Sliding gate installation
  •          Overhead gate installation
  •          Automatic gate installation
  •          Roll up gate installation

Want to go ahead and talk about your gate installation Houston project in particular? Message us. Or, simply call.